Sustainable Leadership for the Now Generation

“Never forget that you are one of a kind. Never forget that if there weren’t any need for you in all your uniqueness to be on this earth, you wouldn’t be here in the first place. And never forget, no matter how overwhelming life’s challenges and problems seem to be, that one person can make a difference in the world. In fact, it is always because of one person that all the changes that matter in the world come about. So be that one person. ”

~ R. Buckminster Fuller

Let’s try something together.

Take a moment to imagine a world in which everyone is doing what they are meant to be doing. Every person has an important role, a specific mission. Everyone is overflowing with energy, supplies, and abilities to achieve their task. Everyone has a unique gift, and most importantly, the courage to believe in it. Each person holds a piece of the larger puzzle, and all the pieces are coming together rather nicely.

Events, people, and experiences weave together naturally because everyone is actively engaged in the right assignment. All basic needs are being met, and we are all moving up the hierarchy toward our highest level of self-actualization. We are all following our highest expression. Not because this is in my utopian mind, but because in this vision, everyone is making an effort to fulfill their purpose.

In this vision, each of us is paying the rent we need to pay for being on this beautiful planet. And the money is going to the right places. There is a natural dynamic exchange. The Earth is thriving, and we are thriving individually and as a collective. We live in a symbiotic alliance that honors our relationship with nature and our true nature.

Still with me? Hear me out.

There is a blueprint within you. You are full of information, knowledge, wisdom, insights waiting to be remembered…You have a unique message to share with the world — a message that only you can understand and translate for others. Only you can give this message meaning and bring it into existence. And, you can only begin to untangle and understand your message when you turn your attention inward. When you dare to slow down and sit with yourself. In stillness. Ready to listen and receive.

sustainable leadership now generation

I believe the next step in human evolution will occur when we all connect with the intelligence of nature and begin sharing our gifts with the world through our intuitive intelligence. This is where we are headed. I believe wholeheartedly in this vision.

We live in the age of communication and collaboration. These are the most incredible times to be alive if we care to look around. Challenges abound, but the solutions are inside each of us. It is the most fertile ground for creation and co-creation. It has never been easier to get in touch with our mission and step into our full power. Resources and allies are just waiting for us to make a conscious choice. When we live a life of service, everything flows to support our walk on Earth.

Even children are connecting with their highest calling from an early age. In fact, children and youth are calling us to wake up. You see, this generation is something else, and they are screaming for change. Forget about the next generation, this is the Now generation, and they are ready to go!

They have a fire inside them that is begging to come out. It’s only natural — creation is seeking a way to express itself through them. They are frustrated with the current unsustainable systems and the way the planet is being destroyed. They are desperately looking for an outlet to share their voice, and they have so much to teach us.

Are they the ones we’ve been waiting for? They are the ones asking the real questions.

Where are we going as a species? What is our collective purpose? What will be our legacy? What will be our contribution to this planet?

These were the type of questions I would ask myself over and over when I was growing up. I felt different, of course, because people my age didn’t seem to care about these questions. I learned to camouflage my depth and conceal my intensity so I would feel “normal”, but I soon realized I didn’t even care to fit in the normal box.

I needed lots of time in nature and hated spending time with people without depth. I could not stand shallow conversations. I often wondered if there was something wrong with me for not wanting to spend time around people.

It turned out I love being around people, but only around people with passion, people with purpose, people who care about those questions that still weigh heavily on my mind. My people. The doers, the makers, the future builders. Those who want to make a real impact. Those who are not complacent about the state of the world. People who have a deep knowing and clear understanding that it is time to wake up and help others do the same.

Now that I am more emotionally mature and more aligned with my inner guidance, I’m surrounded by these people. It’s a beautiful thing! It’s what happens when you are in tune with your unique assignment and accept it without question or resistance. These partners and allies pop out of nowhere. They naturally come to you or, you stumble into their life because you have something to do together.

When you start identifying your inner blueprint and sharing your authentic message with the world, you become a magnet for the resources, lessons, and experiences you need, moment to moment, to accomplish your mission and help others with their mission. It’s almost as if you become a lighthouse, so your people can easily find you.

And what was I supposed to do when I kept connecting with so many fascinating minds all over the globe? I could not keep this wisdom all to myself. I had to create a series to interview these brilliant minds and share their journeys with others. These interviews are full of insights that may help you, or your child, remember your core truth and purpose.

Who said your life’s purpose has to be the next grand invention or win the Nobel Prize? I believe some of us are here to create a bridge for some children to walk through it. Some of us are here to be role models, mentors, and guides for children whose brains are wired differently — those with emotional, intellectual, energetic, or sensory sensitivities- with highly attuned antennas- with extremely curious, intuitive, overactive, and creative minds.

highly sensitive children

Perhaps your mission is to hold space for that depth and range of emotions so that your child knows that there is nothing wrong with them for asking deep questions, for wanting more out of life, for wanting to create a better future.

For some of us, our divine assignment is to support these children and young adults in stepping into the roles they were made for — to help usher in this new generation of leaders and help them remember who they are. Or perhaps, these young leaders are here to help us grown-ups remember who we are. To help us re-connect with our highest essence and remember our highest truth. Maybe we are all mirrors for each other, helping one another.

Our purpose evolves with time as we grow and expand. Being of service is not a static process. If there is a neurodiverse/twice-exceptional (2e) child in your family, perhaps part of your mission is to provide your child with the emotional and mental tools that will allow them to connect with their unique message, develop their voice, and build the confidence and skills needed to share that message with the world. It’s no small feat!

Yes, these times can be intense and overwhelming. Know that you are not alone. There are many dreamers and conscious creators out there dedicating their lives to making this vision a reality, but we need you too! We need all hands on deck. You hold a unique piece of the puzzle, and we can’t do this without you.

Your only job is to look within, follow your inner compass, and support your child to do the same so they can connect with their inner brilliance.

What’s the alternative? What’s our other choice? We are at the brink of evolution or extinction. Let’s reach higher. Join this collective re-evolution. It is happening. Tune into it. Let’s create a world our children deserve. Let’s use all we have to speak it into existence.

reach higher upwards

This interview series is dedicated to all the families of children and young adults who are ready to step into their power, share their gifts with the world, and create a positive impact on this planet during these times that are calling us to step into the best version of ourselves.

The purpose of the series is to share practices and resources to help these young leaders stay grounded and centered as they navigate their journey of following their highest calling and cultivate a life of purpose and conscious creativity.

There will be controversial conversations. Don’t believe everything you hear in these interviews. Check-in constantly with your inner guidance. If something resonates with you, perhaps there is something in there for you. Explore that further. If something triggers you, perhaps there is something in there for you. Explore that even further.

My wish is that you find value in these interviews. I’ll have a guest with a different message every episode. Join me as they share the practices and resources they have gathered on their journeys. You’ll hear from heart-centered leaders and highly creative visionaries living a purpose-driven life and working to build a brighter future for all generations.

Join us! Let’s stand and rise up with the Now generation. The time is Now. They are ready. Are we ready?

YouTube Episodes

Episode #1 JuVan Langford: Men’s Healing

Episode #2 Paula Wilkes: Highly Sensitive Children

Episode #3 Emma Farr Rawlings: The Golden Key

Episode #4 Ashana: Sound Healing

Written Interviews

2e Children Carinng for our World: Zayne Cowie

Who are the Gifted and Talented?: A Conversation with Giftedness Expert, Dr. Steven Pfeiffer

Who are the Gifted and Talented? Part 2

Something Cool is Brewing…

Stay tuned for the upcoming podcast Solarpunk Generation.

Is your family a Solarpunk family? Do you know an inspiring child or young adult who is working on solutions to create a brighter, regenerative future? Would you like to see their work featured?

Are you a parent/grandparent/aunt/uncle who is helping build a better future for all generations? Reach out if you would like to share your story to inspire others.

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About Day

Day Sanchez is a bilingual school psychologist, education specialist, and social and emotional intelligence coach and facilitator dedicated to supporting the optimal cognitive, creative, spiritual, and social-emotional development of gifted, twice-exceptional (2e), and highly intuitive children. She has over a decade of experience working with gifted and neurodiverse children in public, charter, private schools, and nonprofits in New York, California, Florida, and New Jersey. Her approach draws on social and emotional learning, positive psychology, neuroscience, and cognitive behavioral techniques. She has taught yoga and mindfulness meditation to children and also provides specific support to children and young adults experiencing ecological grief and ecological anxiety. Day is on a mission to inspire all children and young visionaries to embody their highest potential, contribute their gifts to the world, and help us accelerate humanity’s evolution.

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